Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank you Frank Miller

It's been a crazy couple months. New baby + insanely busy day job = no time for personal work. We've also taken on a basement finish/remodel ourselves, which will keep my evenings and weekends pretty busy for the next month or two. In the end it will mean that I'll have a nice new studio space to work in, though, so I'll take the pain for now. 

Back around Christmas, my brother in law got crazy with some carpentry and was building bird/bat houses for his yard. He decided he would give bat houses to the immediate family as a "bonus" Christmas gift (natural mosquito repellant) and asked if I would be willing to paint them as my gift. We joked about putting a big Batman logo on them, but I wasn't sure how it would fly with all the recipients. In the end, I decided to do a little homage to Frank Miller and do a take on one of my favorite images from Dark Knight Returns. Here's the result. These weren't completed until just recently because I foolishly decided the best way to paint four of these would be to cut a pair of stencils and airbrush them. Yes, those bats are one stencil. Shows how well I take the easy path on things. At least I can make a hundred more if I was so inclined. 

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