Monday, June 29, 2009

Gwenth and Garreth

Jon Schindehette has hosted a number of weekly challenges on his D&D and fantasy-art themed blog ArtOrder. His blog has quickly become one of my daily reads for insights into the industry and samples of great genre art. This week's challenge was a B&W vampire piece. Details can be read here. I will say, too many late nights and a jam packed weekend (facepainting at a local fundraiser in addition to lots of social engagements) caught up with me in the end, and I'm not in love with the final piece. There's a lot more refining that needed to happen in some of the drawing, and a quick reference shoot could have saved me some pain in pulling some forms out of thin air. Oh well-- deadlines are deadlines.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Digital Color Study

I have mixed feelings about revisiting old work, but in the end, I usually come back to the "finish it before you can move on" mentality. It may not be the most productive from a portfolio standpoint, but invariably I learn something new from(and oftentimes bring something new to) the piece. Here's an old sketch that has been kicking around for a while. Drawing was mounted to masonite and even started laying some paint down before I set it aside, but it's been leering at me from the corner of my studio whenever I work. I decided to take it into Painter and play around a bit to get something resembling a color comp. Still a bit of tweaking to go, but crits are welcome.