Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spectrum entries

I finally worked up the courage to enter Spectrum. Both pieces came out of the amazing "Last Man Standing" competition over at It's a good start to bringing my portfolio up a level, and with another 4 pieces all in varying stages of completion, I hope to have a complete overhaul on my portfolio in the next couple months. (shortly followed by a website). More to come on all of that.


Julien alday said...

Bonjour Ben !
Dude, I was checking your blog for hours, looking for an update, hahaha ! Glad to see it become alive ! Yay ! I think the second pictures need a tad more work, but for me it's just a question of general dynamism, all the elements I see are well done and I like the overall mood of it ! ;)

That said... Wow ! First picture is gorgeous, absolutly one of the best I saw from you ! I like it a lot and I have no crit to make. I like the sensibility of it, very stong.

I really want see some more in the future and I hope that my english will not torture you, hahaha !
Nice job, Ben.

Unknown said...

I would be very surprised if the first one does not get accepted. I really like that piece man!
Good luck :)

Mike Dutton said...

Hey Ben, I second Scott: the first one is definitely a very, very strong contender. There is so much originality to the concept, which I think is sometimes difficult to pull off in the fantastic art genre. And the execution is also wonderful.

I can't wait to see the results!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Best of luck on the Spectrum entries. That book is one of the highlights of my year, so much great art packaged in such a quality book. I really hope to see some of your work in the next book.