Thursday, February 7, 2008

Abstract Experiments

I've been really enamored with the digital techniques my friend Tom Scholes has been showing on his blog lately. There's some great video over there of him pulling incredible landscapes out of nothing, but more importantly using the tools that Photoshop provides to take what he's already done and skew, scale, warp and generally transform pieces of his image to make entirely new elements. Then, by layering these and changing properties, "accidents" happen that he plays off of in creating his final. It seems a great abstract way to "find" compositions, and is something I'm particularly interested in to break out of my stale thumbnail habits, and think about compositions more abstractly.

These were not quite done in Tom's techniques. For some reason I'm a little more comfortable with Corel's Painter application. I'm still getting used to the digital interface, so I'll consider these "baby steps" for now.


Kele said...
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Brian said...

These are sweet dude. Nice to see you posting here again!

- B. Lee -

Julien alday said...

So good to see you posting here again, Ben. I love these abstract stuff. ^^
I keep an eye on you, mon gros nounours.

Rich Pellegrino said...

hey ben, i like that middle one alot. the composition is very interesting. Your restraint with the blacks is making it pop more than the others.